So, I am committing pen to paper…or rather finger to keyboard…and starting my blog.

Blog…this word is a noun and a verb. The definition of a blog is a regularly updated website, typically run by an individual and written in an informal style. To blog (blogging to blogged) is to add new material or write about a topic. Thanks Oxford Dictionary J

To introduce myself, I have long been a frustrated writer, creating my own books and short stories when I was very little, keeping a diary throughout my teens and writing lengthy emails during my twenties. When I look back over all I have written I can see that I sometimes capture funny moments, almost forgotten memories, and emotions that I either needed to get out in that moment, or will cherish forever.

Words are a powerful tool, weapon or caress and need to be treated with respect. Whether using them verbally or in the written sense, they have the power to convey a million different meanings, tones of voice and intent.

Sometimes I have found it easier to write something down when I am caught in a maelstrom of emotion and verbally I would trip and stumble rather than more eloquently and considerately explain my viewpoint. This isn’t helpful in a spoken war of words, but most helpful when attempting to diffuse or understand a situation.

Likewise, I can devour words in such a way that if I do not get my daily dose of reading I find I am craving it…I crave the pictures and emotions that a well written story can create. I adore the fact that opening a book opens another world and hours slip by unnoticed as you explore something other than your immediate surroundings.

My words are my ramblings, my thoughts, my own opinions and intend to cause no harm or upset. I will keep identities hidden so not to make known directly who/what I may be talking about.

I hope you will read and comment on my blog – help me become a better writer, and maybe a less frustrated writer in the process.

Thanks LHOW x

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