Wordie…as in alternative to foodie

Well, I have introduced myself as a wordie (alternative to foodie!).

But it might help to explain who I am a little more.

I am British (I’ll be sticking with that as, to be honest, my family history research has revealed that really my family are total mongrels of all nationalities of the GB and Ireland. Nothing wrong with that of course!).

I am educated. Yes I went to school! Lucky us in the modern world that we get this automatically. My school days were mixed – like I have said I adore books, so I was thrilled to be somewhere with a library. Less thrilled about the bullying…but that is another story for another day. I did also go to university, and again library a huge plus…glandular fever not so much!

I have travelled. I love a good British holiday, camping in the rain, soggy sand sandwiches on a rainy beach and cream teas. I do also love adventures that mean I leave this fair Isle…Europe, Oz, The Far East, and Snowy Canadian scapes…all feed the imagination, your dreams and your understanding of other worlds and cultures.

I have a family. I am happily married, with a little boy. I have siblings, parents and in-laws. And friends.

I do love other things than books…the theatre, rambling walks, a good pub lunch, Italy and Greece and messy play.

I am stubborn. Opinionated. Determined. I am sensitive. Caring. Sometimes far too emotional. I laugh. Mostly at my husband. Or my son. I can be funny. I can be confusing. And confused. I am proud. But can lack self-esteem. I can talk a lot, but also be shy, or rather intimidated by groups.

Some people meet me and form one opinion and are then rather surprised when they learn something that appears contradictory about me. But isn’t everyone like that, complex people full of contradictions? I think this goes to show that first impressions (a book’s cover) can’t be the sole basis for forming an opinion of someone. And, just as when you discuss a book, there are merits and frustrations, it is the same with people. The closest people in my life are sources of great happiness and frustrations…I know I do the same to others.

So, sometimes I hope my words amuse you or resonate with you and other times it might be a ramble just because – but either way I hope you find it interesting.

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