Once upon a time…

Once upon a time a giant girl called Kira was sitting alone. She was alone because she was the last of the giants. The only people who she saw, spoke to and played with were the King and Queen of the Gentlefolke.

There was not much food or water in the Gentlefolke’s kingdom. The land was very flat, plain and there were only small puddles, so they could not grow much food and only had small harvests.

One summer seemed to continue on for a long time…a very long time…until it became clear that perhaps autumn wasn’t coming…perhaps this was a heatwave. The Gentlefolke grew worried and tried to store food, and the puddles got smaller and smaller every day.

That year there was no autumn, no winter, nor spring…just heat. People began to go hungry and starve. The king tried to do everything he could to look after his people, but he too, eventually, fell ill.

Kira was so worried about losing the King and Queen, that she began to cry. She cried and cried and as her tears fell they splashed into the mouths of the sick people and they began to feel better.

Kira was so distressed at seeing the land she loved and the people she cared about suffering that she couldn’t stop crying and hadn’t noticed that her tears had helped the people and the King. Instead she carried on crying and her tears formed a puddle, then a lake, then a stream, then a rushing river, which became the sea.

Exhausted from crying Kira laid down and fell into a deep, deep sleep. She could not be moved nor woken. Over the hundreds of years she slept she became a mountain, which the Gentlefolke adopted as shelter from the sun. The mountain allowed clouds to form and then rain to fall. Seasons settled back into their pattern, and full harvests could be grown. The Gentlefolke no longer suffered for want of water and food.

And so Kira sleeps on…

© of Little House of Words

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