The Festive Season is upon us!

Halloween has been and gone (without a fancy dress costume for the Wriggler), and he slept through the fireworks for Guy Fawkes Night…but there is no escaping the festive cheer I will be inflicting on him for the next 7 weeks.

The launch of the John Lewis advert yesterday, does mean that the Christmas Season is officially underway! I have to confess that I adore this year’s offering, how can JL go wrong when they have penguins!!

And I am so excited. Last year Wriggler started crawling during the festivities, and the joy on his face as he realised he could get about was delightful! This year will be great as he is showing a real character and personality, so will get more involved with presents and his toys. Just hope he likes all that Father Christmas brings him.

For me though, Christmas is about more than gifts…it is the cards that you write to people that you don’t get to see often; the personal letters that you include; emails if there is no address to send anything to (ah-hem baby brother of mine!). It is the planning of how all your time will be spent with various family and friends. It is working out how on earth you are going to fit a Christmas tree in your living room this year. It has a spiritual and religious connection for me, although I do appreciate not everyone shares that sentiment.

The moments that I look forward to the most over this time of year, is when I get to see the people I adore, looking happy. Seeing their faces when they get a great present, that first kiss from a (slobbery) grandchild and this year it will be seeing my husband’s face when we get to celebrate in our new home.

So have fun with all the festive planning, however you celebrate at this time of year…and now it is time for me to plot how I get a Monty and Mabel. Hint Hint Mr LHOW!

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