Hello…is it me you are looking for?

I have been a little out of the loop in the last 12 months or so…to be honest I have found actually writing something from my own head, rather than to a brief from a client, a little difficult to manage…


When you have one baby you handle sleep deprivation, missed meal times and all that comes with the delight of a new baby relatively well. I mean there are two grown-ups to one baby and everyone loves to see the first baby so they are extra helpful.


But not only is the decision to have a second child so much harder to commit to than having a first child (you know what you are in for so it is infinitely more scary than the first time around); but the reality is infinitely harder as well.


I mean, you think you got it down with the first, you know the tricks of rocking, swaying, bum tapping and humming their favourite song at the right level to get them to settle. You know the right yogurt-to-veg ratio to get food in the mouths and you’ve worked out tag-teaming when the baby is sick.


The second child laughs in the face of your knowledge and raises you bottle rejection, tongue-tie and a temper at 8 months old.


You realise you are clueless and actually know NOTHING!


You finally come out of the first year slightly fatter from the chocolate and wine/beer…much more sleep deprived that you thought you could ever be and laughing at the mischief two new people can get up to.


So, I might have lost a year…but it was also the best year of enjoying Wriggler start preschool, getting to know Fidget more and more and finally seeing them at one and three playing dinosaurs together. That is so worth it…and now the fog finally lifts the words are pouring out again.


Hello words, how I have missed you and you were definitely what I was looking for!

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