The wedding anniversary

This week the Mr and I celebrated our seven year wedding anniversary. We have actually been together almost 14 years, so we are now nearly at that point that we will have been married for more years than we have not (when you think about the sum of years in total).

Marriage is such a funny thing…being honest it shouldn’t change anything, but for me it really did. It is like I stopped worrying so much about the future because no matter what my family really was me and him and we were a team. Before becoming a Mrs I had always felt the risk that it was easier to end things and walk away than if you are married.

A relationship is never always easy and plain sailing, saying that it shouldn’t all be drama and theatrics. You need the highs and amazing moments of when you look at your partner and think ‘Damn, I’m bloody lucky!’ to help you get through those times when you look at them and think ‘You really are from another planet and don’t know me at all.’.

I look back at the last 14 years (well nearly 14 years) and think I would still say yes if he proposed tomorrow, I would still do out wedding exactly how we did it and I love that our anniversary evening was gatecrashed by Wriggler and Fidget, the most challenging and the bestest thing we have ever done together.

So I raising a glass tonight to the main man in my home, he may drive me nuts sometimes, but also supports me 100%, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.




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