Our house is ruled by dinosaurs

Wriggler is in full obsession mode…dinosaurs…

We have been told all the same detailed info about how you can tell the meat eaters from the veggies; the sound that they would have made; their different feet and how they walked; and the fact that the T-Rex has ‘really, really really short arms…which means that they can’t brush their teeth!’

The logic of a nearly four year is amazing, alongside their ability to retain facts like no tomorrow and spurt them out  whenever it seems logical to them. Hence the toothbrush comment…I mean, he isn’t wrong is he?!

Fidget is now copying Wriggler more and more, which means he is now also obsessed with dinosaurs…His little roars when he plays have us in stitches!

So to support this obsession all new clothes purchased are dino themed…they have a new dino storage box that opens out into a landscape…we have stocked up our supply of dino books…our latest toucanBox was dino related and we have some little fossils that we use in our excavations. I now am also becoming an expert on finding suitable dino programmes and videos on Netflix and YouTube…

Current favourite dino clip….DINOSAURS – NOT THE MAMA!!

And we are going to check out Jurassic Kingdom in a few weeks…lets hope we escape unscathed.



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