I do love a keepsake

I am total hoarder of memories.

I still have all my diaries from when I first started keeping one (tip – never reread your diaries circa age 14-18, it is cringe worthy).

I have my wedding journal and planner.

I have all my cards and letters from the Mr.

And I have kept favourite items of clothing that Wriggler and Fidget have worn, their baby books (properly updated and full of photos), their keepsake boxes with things they have made in, their first pair of shoes and their hospital bands.

But I think my favourite keepsake is the babygro bears we had made by Babygro Babies. Ordered via Facebook, you send your favourite 5 babygros and this lovely lady called Grainne makes them into these personalised keepsakes (you can have anything stitched on to the bears – we have the boys names and birth dates).

LHOW BabygroBaboies Image

It is really lovely seeing the prints that I loved seeing the boys wear when they were little…elephants are a theme in our house, even down to babygros.

Basically, you don’t have to be a hoarder of memories, but sometimes keepsakes are really important and you can make yours as personal and as special as you like.

Hints for keepsakes:

  1. Think of how much space you actually have, if loads then have as much as you like, if not then invest in a few key items
  2. Research your choice of keepsake and supplier, ideally go on recommendations or great reviews so you are confident in the end result
  3. Don’t rush into making any keepsake, it they come a few years after the wedding or birth of your baby then all the better and you will really have thought about what you want
  4. Display it proudly, my bears are in the boys rooms so I see them everyday
  5. Treasure your memories and stories, they make you who you are

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