The end of a chapter

I am loving seeing the leaps that both Fidget and Wriggler are making right now, each on the cusp of each starting new chapters.

Wriggler finishes preschool today, it is the end of one experience and in September he starts a whole new game with school. Part of me is so excited as he is hungry to learn more and loves being with his friends; the other part of me is so sad as this is just the beginning of a long journey through education that will be mostly a lot of fun, but will be hard at times.

Fidget has just had a word explosion and it is amazing hearing him really articulate what he wants and needs, but for me this means his baby-hood is truly behind him…I could pretend when he only had a few words, but now he says what he needs (or wants in most cases – TOAST!).

One of the wonderful things about the start of this new chapter is seeing their relationship really develop – they actually play ‘together’, mostly Fidget copying Wriggler, but they seem to actually want to hang out together, have little conversations and shared experiences. I only hope that this is something that lasts throughout their lives.

In the meantime I intend to let them run feral this summer, naked ice cream eating, paddling pool and sand messes and paint splatters galore! Childhoods need crazy messy fun, surrounded by laughter and photos to look back on when they are older.

Enjoy the summer guys!

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