Festive Cheer

I am terrible in that I haven’t actually written anything properly and then published it in ages…

There are loads of excuses and reasons why and I could bore you but I wont. Honestly, I re-read some of the half-drafted posts and thought ‘boring; jumping on a bandwagon; no idea what the point of that one was…’. So, I decided to step back. Remember why I do this…what I want from it.

And then Tuesday I skidded on some ice in my car and smashed into another car. Thankfully at a low speed, but my car is pretty damaged…and the other car (thankfully empty) was not looking so hot either and I thought…’God, I am so lucky’.

Lucky that the school rush had been over for 10 minutes.

Lucky that no one was hurt.

Lucky that I was being careful and not rushing.

Lucky that a kind lady stopped and gave me a hug and reminded me that this was just metal and that I didn’t do it on purpose.

Lucky that Fidget was safe in his car seat.

Lucky that Wriggler was singing in his nativity at the time and growing in confidence.

Lucky that The Mr only cares that we are OK and doesn’t give a s**t about cars.

Lucky that I have good insurance who will sort this out.

This time of year we can get so obsessed about the right impression, the right gift, the right stuff, the right outfit, the right drink or meal. When what really matters are that the people in our lives are the ones we want. That they love us and that we enjoy being with them.

So I am lucky and thankful for my friends (old school friends, uni friends, when-i-moved-friends, mummy-squad-friends, old-work-friends and mummy-school-friends); thankful for my family (the ones I grew up with and my in laws) and mostly so thankful for the family I have with the Mr.

I am lucky and thankful I can write, enjoy my books and crafting and making memories with these special people. That I have a safe and clean home and food in our cupboards.

So that little bump reminded me that I simply want to have fun. Share my experience in the hope that what I have been doing helps others and that sometimes I might agree with a trending topic and sometimes I will have the courage and the right words to say that I don’t.

So, bring on 2018 and whatever comes out of my head…hope that it is fun, helpful and useful to you wonderful readers and supporters of LHOW.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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