Half term fun!

Hello readers,

Gosh I have been slacking of late with my blog haven’t I?!

Thing is, Fidget got a terrible cough and cold, and kindly shared his love with me…so since Christmas I have been battling feeling rubbish, with all the usual cold aches and pains. Thankfully, I am finally feeling better – just in time for half term. No doubt I’ll be sick again as soon as this ‘break’ is over.

Anyways, half term got me thinking of stuff I had to organise with the boys to entertain them…naturally, I turned to my various gangs of mummy friends to coordinate play dates and drink a lot of tea….wine is booked for the Friday play date. So what else (aside from the usual crafting, fort building and general brotherly play fighting that goes on in our house) have we got going on to keep everyone entertained?

This is what is getting our house through until Wriggler goes back to school on Monday:

  1. Checked out what the local museums have on – we checked out the earth activity, did some crafts on canvas and taking our own fossils to show the experts at the weekend. Follow your local museum on Facebook or Insta to see what they are promoting and check out somethings that you might not have considered
  2. Checked out the local National Trust and we are going to be making a bug house
  3. Stocked up on craft and baking supplies – thank goodness our local ‘essentials’ place has pretty much everything, including dinosaur sprinkles. We also melted the last of the Christmas chocolate to make rice krispie cakes – nom!
  4. Got Wriggler’s Toucan Box ready to deploy (cant wait to make the butterfly at the weekend)
  5. Have new playdoh and slime at the ready (the old stuff was hard and rubbish, so thank you Father Christmas!)
  6. Lego and playmobil are downstairs in the playroom for on-demand access (rather than hidden in bedroom to minimise mess!)
  7. Made sure that the current favourite TV shows are on the planner for some down time
  8. When it isn’t raining make sure I chuck them outside for the all-important fresh air
  9. Have a supply of bribes
  10. Have my own supply of rewards for me and the Mr…namely beer and chocolate!

So my tip – plan ahead – look at what is going on locally and check out if you need to get tickets in advance and don’t be afraid of downtime at home – sometimes the kids need it after all the busy playing they do at school!

What did you guys do to keep half term happy and busy – any tips to share?

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