Homely touches

Whether you have just moved in together, moved home, done some renovations or just want to freshen up your style, sometimes you need some inspiration for those homely touches.

At the moment my friend’s houses are my source of inspiration – most of them have been lucky enough to either do renovations or move into amazing new homes – all of which requires the right ‘dressing’.

And it isn’t just the colour scheme or overall decor – it is the finishing touches – the photo frames, the wall prints…cushions (now, who doesn’t love a cushion!), and storage solutions.

I am so looking forward to when we can do the building work we desperately need to do to solve our kitchen/dining/office/playroom challenge (probably when the kids have moved out and neither The Mr or I work from home anymore). We have painted, but I really want to find a  way to inject our style and personality into things more – which will be a  compromise between his ultra-modern tastes and my more contemporary-comfort style.

Either way, we are still a few years off being in those final stages of doing things to our home, but when we are ready I am so excited to order from this little place I’ve found: House of Little Stars – their insta is fab!

I’d love to see more of what you like like or stores you have found to be great sources of inspiration.


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