5th pregnancy…are the odds in my favour?

Half of my pregnancies (so far) have ended in miscarriage. Wow, written like that it is a scary fact.

So, the night before my 12-week scan for my fifth pregnancy I worried…a lot. Was this one going to be the one that tipped the balance? Would this be the first time we decided to try for a baby and not only have a smooth first trimester with no rushing to A&E and emergency scans…but also the first time I meet my baby at 12 weeks and find out all is ok?

Well, it turns out it was – seeing our baby for the first time at 12 weeks was amazing – I get now that giddy-ness that first time mums have when they have never encountered a problem in the previous 12 weeks.

The 20 week scan was also amazing – the detail in ultrasound has jumped again, just in the two years since we saw Fidget as just that – a fidget! This one was kicking itself in the head and moving all over the place. It doesn’t stop actually – so now I thinking of a nickname in the same vein at Wriggler and Fidget – maybe Squirm? Let me know what you think?

This, by far, has been the easiest pregnancy I’ve experienced – no heartburn (yet), had that from six weeks before, sleeping like the dead, and (other than a busy life with two children) things are ok.

I suspect that my old friend anaemia is around the corner though – but that isn’t unusual…

Now I am starting to think about the birth and wondering how it will be this time – my previous experiences are so different – what will happen this time…I would like less puking and general drama perhaps…but as long as I get skin to skin with my newborn, after the Mr says ‘It’s a…’ I’ll  be happy. So, hopefully, the odds are in my favour for an easier pregnancy…and maybe a better delivery.

2 thoughts on “5th pregnancy…are the odds in my favour?

  1. Congrats, momma! Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. ❤
    The worst part for me was just the horrible heartburn. But that's because my son was born with a few head of hair! Lol

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