The big introduction – top three tips

The best laid plans eh…we have this wonderful vision of introducing the baby to the new big brother or sister, but as like most things with kids, it never works out that way. Saying that, there are some really simple things that you can do that can help you get as close to your vision of the big introduction:

  1. Try not to be the one holding the baby the first time they meet it – your arms have always been their space, and seeing you hold the baby is a very real signal that now they have to share it – by having the baby there but still welcoming them into your arms reassures your child(ren) that there will always be room for them
  2. Have a gift from the baby for them, not only as a friendly hello, but also as a reward for being good or as a distraction once they get a little bored
  3. In the first couple of days, when the baby naps do something with each of the big siblings that only they can do – like Lego or decorating cupcakes – it reminds them that they have their own special relationship with you

This time we were discharged the same day Squish arrived, so we were home by 2.30/3pm. The boys came home from school and preschool and got to meet their sister…they had been waiting four days and were very excited. Squish was ready to meet them too – after initial cuddles with them, she had a little gift for Wriggler and Fidget. And over the next couple of weeks Wriggler and Fidget did crafting, cake making and had story time with me or The Mr, whenever Squish was asleep.

Thankfully all signs currently seem to show that the boys accept and adore their new sister – they ask after her and miss her when they are at preschool and school. They tell her things (like explaining about dinosaurs) and they celebrate her little milestones – like her first smiles. At the moment things are pretty good on that front and long may it last!

What other things did you guys find that worked – or what definitely didn’t go down well with the introduction of the new baby?

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