The first six weeks

We survived the first six weeks!!

I mean, that is a massive milestone. At the end of those weeks you see the Dr, make sure that you are both doing ok and then get sorted for those all-important first vaccinations.

Somehow those 42 days pass in the blink of an eye and your baby is still newborn, but more alert when they are awake, maybe smiling and making little noises and hopefully starting to follow some sort of pattern to how their day goes.

Every time I’m in this stage I swear that I am going to take it easy, rest more and appreciate this fleeting time…and yet somehow life takes over. The Mr did take leave for each new arrival, but as the induction took a little longer than planned with Squish he had to go on a work trip when she was nine days old. So I was braving the crazy school run at a time when I didn’t want to leave my bed.

Looking back at that precious time I really appreciate that now we are 10 weeks later and we seem to have a rhythm to getting through the day – and some days are easier than others (swimming days can be a tad chaotic and there can be tears by bedtime). Saying that we haven’t yet been late for drop off or pick up, we have still done playdates for Wriggler, even managed trick or treating and fireworks night.

So now I am allowing myself a minute of feeling ‘smug’ because those bad days are hard. And I know I will have other days where there is shouting and being late and not getting to do the things planned. The happy feeling when you get it right can help keep you going when it goes wrong.

And I am trying to listen to the boys more, support them and remember to treat them as the age they are and not expect too much from them. At the moment it seems to be working and things are a little calmer when we are doing things together. It is also giving them a chance to really show me how they are growing and what they have learnt.

Now my favourite time of day is Friday evenings, we are all home, it is pizza and movie night and the five of us are together. We started this family ‘tradition’ the first week we brought Squish home, and it was a treat during those first six weeks – but now it is family time we all need. So my tip for the first six weeks – enjoy them, they go in a blink, but have something that you do that you can carry on long term and enjoy remembering how far you have come.


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