Stopping breastfeeding

I found this stage of motherhood hard each time. For me, I stopped when the children each reached a stage that they were ready to not feed from me anymore, rather than making a decision for my mental health, or because of allergies or any other complex reason.

Being able to feed my babies was an amazing experience and one I feel so lucky to have been able to physically do, but also mentally enjoy. Yes, it was hard the very first time, but I had the support and time to give myself to do it, but I appreciate that isn’t the same for everyone. As long as a baby is fed it really doesn’t matter if it is breast or bottle. And the bond you make is just as strong.

Saying that, stopping feeding is such a hard transition, no matter when or how you do it. Wriggler was weaned at 8-9 months, Fidget was 12 months and Squish was 13 months.

Each time I did it slowly over the course of a month or so, dropping the mid-morning and mid-afternoon feeds, then lunch, then breakfast and the last one to go was bedtime. That was my favourite time of the day – the last cuddles before they slept. I took photos of us feeding, cuddling and snuggling and sang songs and read stories.

But I did cry when I did that last feed, and boy did my boobs hurt for a few days when we stopped.

So I wanted to share my tips for getting through this stage:

  1. Take your time with reducing the feeds rather than suddenly stop if you can – it helps the supply naturally decrease
  2. Hot showers and massage your boobs gently to stop any hard lumps forming
  3. Allow yourself to feel the feelings – sadness at saying goodbye to babyhood or joy at getting your body back to being yours
  4. Still have snuggle time with bubba in the peace and quiet – those were your moments together and can still happen as you transition to a new routine
  5. Say goodbye to all those nursing bras and tops!

And now congrats – YOU DID IT MUMMA!!

One thought on “Stopping breastfeeding

  1. Thank you for sharing! Some days I want to quit nursing so badly, but most of the time I’m beyond grateful for the beautiful gift of feeding my baby 🙂

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