I have been a writer since I can remember. And I don’t just mean for school, I mean in my spare moments I was crafting stories, making my own books, writing my diary, sending letters to pen pals. Essays, dissertations, exams, revision notes, more stories, more letters, emails, texts, more stories. More stories and funny ideas.

So, in 2014 I finally committed pen to paper…or rather finger to keyboard…and started my blog, another string to my writer’s bow.

At the time I questioned the purpose of my blog and said that sometimes it would be my ramblings…sometimes it would be stories…sometimes it would be a book or product review…I promised that whatever I wrote I would always try and be clear and have a point to my rambling words.

Now we are in 2020 (that is crazy to write), and I confess the path of being a writer isn’t always smooth. I had my head down in 2016 due to a haze of new baby-hood and sleepless nights and 2019 proved tricky after writing my final blog about the fourth trimester following the arrival of Squish. Writer’s block hit me hard and bar a few client projects I struggled to get anything that made sense (or seemed of value) out of my brain. I have found using Instagram really great in feeling like I kept active and still engaged while being able to do mini-blogs…but…

…New year, new logo, new start. I have signed up to a few courses to spark a new way of creative thinking. I have some lovely new clients on my books and I am ready to face the next decade as a SAHM mother of three, wife to a busy, high-flying Mr and freelance writer and crafter.

In the meantime it still holds true that I really am a lover of words.