Say cheese!

I have two little cheeseballs in my squad. Wriggler has a full on camera smile that he whips out when the camera comes out. Sometimes it is actually cute and other times it looks like he is ‘fluffing’ whilst squinting through a telescope. Naturally anything big bro can do, Fidget can do better…and his newly discovered ‘cheese’ face is indescribable…and hilarious!

Thankfully I don’t ask much from them for our family selfies done on the phone…but I always have visions of great photo shoots with the boys looking amazing (Next catalogue worthy!) and this is where the pros come in.

So I have had a couple of attempts at this, the first time with Wriggler at 4 months was fine – got a great photo of him…but I think I have now found the photographer of my dreams!

Two photo shoots down with Babaphoto, and both have been enjoyable experiences with a photographer who clearly delights in what she does.

The environment is welcoming, light and bright (and warm for those baby shoots or cake smashes) and you are instantly put at ease and can enjoy the experience. It is amazing how important these little things are, and if you are relaxed then the kids relax and the better the photos are.

The photographer (Janice) has a real natural way with the children when taking their pictures and works really hard to get relaxed, informal shots. In the first shoot Fidget was 4 months and took everything very seriously (honestly I think he had poo-face the whole time…), but Janice created some moments of interaction between him and Wriggler that caught their budding brotherhood.

I went back to her for Fidget’s cake smash and not only did she get a lot of laughter and giggles from my not-so-baby, she was in control of the mess and made the clean up a fun thing too (with photos of him in the bath!).

The quality of the finished photos are perfect, they have really captured the personalities of my children and the fun they have together.

So I really recommend Babaphoto if you are looking for a fun photographer to capture your little one’s personality.

And the whole experience taught me a few things as well, so here are my tips if you are thinking of using a photographer to capture your little ones:

  1. Take their favourite toy (obvs I know, but it does help calm them and not a bad thing if it ends up in the picture)
  2. Snacks (AKA – bribes). Yup – get the good snacks out as a reward…some parents may shudder in shock, but I will swear by the power of Kinder Eggs forever
  3. Have a good chat with the kids beforehand and during the shoot, be prepared to do silly faces and sing songs, or get caught in the action if needed to reassure them and help them laugh
  4. Have a good chat with the photographer as well, that way they can set your expectations and you can say what you are looking for and hoping to capture
  5. Laugh if it all goes wrong! One of the photos I kept of Fidget was his full on pouty, moody face…it made me smile to think that he is such a sunny thing now!
  6. And believe in the power of cropping/air brushing etc…I have had a photo spliced together to get the right shot…this isn’t about making everything look perfect, but it is nice if you can get one photo of them smiling at the same time…even if it is computer wizardry


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