The last few weeks of my last pregnancy

It is so strange to be sitting here feeling this little one move and know that I will be meeting them soon.

This pregnancy has been amazing – no emergency hospital trips in the first 16 weeks. No middle of the night stresses in the second trimester. No heart burn until  36 weeks!

It was about 36 weeks I did have my first panic about the baby’s movements, spoke to my midwife and when to my local hospital for a monitoring session. Typically, this one chose that moment to do the can-can, but given that Fidget did have low fluid and movements I am glad I went just to make sure.

What was more disconcerting was that due to my amateur dramatics history immediately after delievery (Primary PPHs and retained placenta both times) they also did a scan to check on the placenta etc…and bubs was so engaged that they were headless in the scan. Not a photo for the scrapbook!

My challenges personally in this pregnancy came from the 36 week mark and working things out with my consultant as to how to plan the birth and manage the delivery. I have naturally been really concerned about going into labour – I was quick with the boys and didn’t want to get stuck at home without theatre being right there for my grand finale.

Thankfully my midwives have been amazing and supported the decisions made to induce this little one…so now it really is a matter of days…

I am hoping I get to do it unmedicated again – I have found that experience in the past to be empowering – but if needed I will get the pain relief – I have nothing to prove and just want baby out safe and sound. And I would love to not have any dramatics afterwards, but what will be will be.

Now, we just need to work out name options (Team Green here!), make sure that I have the presents for the boys from the baby and that they are ok when we say goodbye and maybe sit down for five minutes rest rather than try and fit my to-do list into the hours I have left.

I will always be so grateful to experience pregnancy again, feeling all the kicks, turns, hearing the heartbeat, wondering about what and who this little person will be. I know I will miss being pregnant, miss experiencing this.

But I am so ready to meet the final member of our family.

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