Naked ice cream eating

Feral children.

I have feral children.

They have spent most of the last month running naked and barefoot around the garden, eating breakfast as brunch (nothing wrong with that), lunch as ‘linner’…and sometimes coco-pops for dinner. When they are not having fish fingers obvs…

They don’t really have the standard ‘dirt lines’ (AKA tan lines that we cant admit to), I mean I smother then in factor 50 several times a day, but as they are naked they have that ‘all over glow’.

They laugh in the face of shoes.

They have jumped in and out of the paddling pool and sprinkler more times that I can count. Sometimes covered in paint, or chalk, or the remainder of linner.

They built a den with an old sheet, they have blown bubbles until we ran out of mixture (no – washing up liquid and water does not work well enough in our house!); and they have made mud cakes, mud pizza and mud pies.

They have helped garden, plant seeds and helped The Mr make a garden sofa.

They best bit about feral children is that when they do sit down for two minutes for their daily ice cream, they are happy, they are smiling and laughing. They will sleep so good from all the running about.

And, (cos they are naked) a baby wipe will clean up the ice cream drips no problems. Or chuck them in the paddling pool…less laundry is a win in my house!

So, we break the rules over summer…what rules do you break?

Check out some rule breaking inspiration at Families Magazine Online.


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