I’m grumpy and tired so I’ll keep it short – but leave parent/child parking for those with kids!

I’ve had a rough few nights lately, perhaps the worst in my parenting history.

Wriggler and Fidget have both got the seal-like-bark-cough. They have been poorly before, but never in a coordinated attack.

So thank god for calpol otherwise we would not have made it…but my supplies were running low this morning and I braved a dash to the supermarket for emergency rations of the strawberry nectar. (Thank you mummy friends who offered to help me, I wish I had said yes!).

I don’t often get precious about parking at the supermarket, sometimes all the parent/child spaces are genuinely taken by real parents of under 12 year olds…but today I had zero capacity to be understanding of the bloke who took a space in his 4×4 (no kids) or the women in her silver Merc (no kids) or the older lady in her battered Citron (guess what? No kids).


I actually don’t care how far away the parent/child spaces are from the shops, my kids can walk/be pushed in their buggy. I mean, I confess that I prefer the parking lots that have pedestrian walkways, so that it is actually safer to make that walk around all those cars, but I would walk across a car park to get a suitable space to get all the car doors open and easy access to the boot.

So, I do care that I have to some how work out how to get two children out of the back of my car, without hitting the car next to me, get the buggy out and either squeeze it down the side of the car (cos I foolishly reversed in) or if I just give up now and lie in the middle of the road crying in frustration that there is a reason for parent child spaces…

Yes, 20 years ago this was not a thing, but 20 years ago how many people actually used car seats…god it was only 30 years ago that seat belts were even made legal wasn’t it? Or something to that effect (the older generation tell me they used the pram carry cot on the backseat at one point!).

The thing is (to all those drivers who say that those of us who use parent/child parking are ‘snowflakes’ and that we are lazy or selfish), the reason that parent/child spaces exist to to allow a parent to open the door properly to be able to either move the travel car seat, or the children, easily and safely into the car. It is even worse when you are pregnant, with your huge bump and handling the children to try and deal with tight spaces – surely it is common sense to allow those of us who actually need the space to be allowed to use it?


This time I just left it, but next time I’m not sure I won’t be able to stop myself making a comment to those who are selfish enough to use a space meant for someone else when they are too lazy to walk. Who’s with me on this?

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