The constant list in my head

How is it that you start one thing on your list and instead of getting that done, 10 more things get added to the list instead?

Like, The Mr will ask for me to do something and now my response is: ‘I’ll add that to my list.’; usually that means the bottom of the list unless he actually mentions some kind of deadline (like sorting the kids passports out!).

But how come it is me that does all that, I know I am a ‘Millennial Wifey‘ and I love it, but it does feel like I am the only one running a constant list to make sure everything is done.

If I am working in an evening, he will chill downstairs with a beer and the football and the dishwasher will still be full, so will the washing machine, the tumble dryer; the toys will be shoved in the playroom and not ‘away’ and then he will tut at me as I do it all before bed. I just can’t face the thought of trying to do it in the morning before the school run, and he does it only when asked.

I know all that stuff is part of my JD, but still…

This article was brilliant in hitting the nail on the head on how our minds work as women – The Gender Wars.

It pretty much sums it up that men and women do think about things differently – which is no bad thing…but when you are a mum, wife, home maker, freelancer and general ‘doer’, a lot of daily tasks fall to you – unless you ASK the other person to help.

Sometimes it would be lovely if we didn’t have to ask…but then no one is a mind reader eh?!

So, in the mean time I’ll keep running my lists…in my head and partly in my amazon shopping basket, to make sure that everything is done and nothing and no-one is forgotten…

Now to sort out Fidget’s birthday party, get presents for the 12 birthdays that are coming up and the 56 new babies that are due, plus the billion things that fall into the CHRISTMAS bucket….and that wedding…have I RSVP’d??? Maybe the amazon shopping basket isn’t that helpful after all!

Anyone have any tips?


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