Oh god, I’m a mummy blogger

Yesterday an article was published in the Daily Mail commenting on the rise of the mummy blogger, and more specifically asking why are they so slummy – called ‘Why are so many women boasting they’re slummy mummies?‘.

Now, I am trying out this mummy blogger thing here, so I don’t like the implication that if you moan publicly about a hard day at home with the kids, a trying time you are having with them, or shortcuts you use in your parenting, you are being a bit slummy.

At the same time I do feel a sense of caution in how I talk about my children and my husband. I made the choice to marry and to have babies, and I am lucky to have both in my life. Each of my sons are rainbow babies so I feel especially blessed to see the little people they are becoming. So, I feel I owe them a level of respect rather than treat them as a source of laughter for social likes, shares and followers.

There are experiences that I will have with them that will make me so frustrated, annoyed or pretty much wet-my-pants-with laughter, and shared in the right way will reassure other parents that they are not alone in their parenting experience. There are others that I will always keep private to treasure or allow them to forget.

The challenge I see with the mummy blogger community is that it can be so judgemental. You are cast into camps of the wine-drinker, the over-eater, the underachiever, the overachiever, the getting-by, the yummy mummy, the crafter, the cooker and the ordinary mummy.

But I think if we are honest we are all of the above, and some days have it down with our amazingly polite and well-behaved children, and other days will lose it at the clingy little monsters we have created.

But no matter what type of writer and mother we are, we all adore our children, and especially those precious moments where they hold our hand in theirs and tell us they love us and we are the bestest mummy ever.

Personally, I will comment from time-to-time on my frustrations, but I prefer to focus on the joy, the positives and the enjoyment I get out of doing the hardest (but best) job in the world.

In the meantime shout out to all the mummy bloggers out there – you rock!

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